Fiberglass planters

Fiberglass planters in Nigeria

artificial flower pots in nigeria

Fiberglass planters in Nigeria have become a trend that every interior designer is closely following. For the past 2 years, the production and supply of fiberglass flower pots and planters in Nigeria is yet to meet up with the demand. This is because fiberglass planters are very unique. They have a rarely felt aesthetic pleasure they bring to the eyes. We have not gotten to the characteristics of this artificial flower pot. However, it is safe to mention this; reading this article will brief you on all you need to know about fiberglass flower pots and planters in Nigeria.


In Nigeria, a lot of interior designers are still used to the former concepts of design. This is true. But those who have come across fiberglass planters can boast of being recent. Fiberglass flower pots or planters are not a replacement in the interior and exterior design world. They are not replacing artificial flower pots. No, they are more like the originals. Just the way fashion rolls in a circle of time, fiberglass planters used to exist before now. However, there were misunderstandings and complications behind the production. This led to a phase where a lot of individuals preferred to use plastics or metal planters for their plants and flowers.

The planters Haven carefully researched and uncovered the untapped techniques and approaches to a better fiberglass flower pot production. After this research and development, we introduced the planter back into the Nigerian market and the interior and exterior designers are loving it.


Benefits of fiberglass planters in Nigeria

Commercial-grade fiberglass planters are resistant to water, fading, and chemicals. Because fiberglass planters do not rot, warp, or degrade over time, they can be used both indoors and outdoors in any weather. In fact, they show almost no signs of wear and tear even after prolonged exposure to water, UV radiation, temperature variations, salt air, and chemicals. But these are not just the reasons why fiberglass planters are great for use in Nigeria. Fiberglass flower pots are the most beneficial type of artificial flower pots.

Fiberglass planters in Nigeria

Fiberglass planters in Nigeria

Below are the benefits of fiberglass planters in Nigeria:

Strength: The average Nigerian wants a product that can stand the test of time against external and internal pressure. Fiberglass planters are that strong. Fiberglass planters are known to be resistant to harsh weather conditions. Also known not to be brittle or crack or even break during successful tests. You can purchase the strongest fiberglass flower pots at The Planters Haven.

Lightweight: Fiberglass flower pots and planters, despite all the strength they portray, are extremely light. With this feature, anyone using fiberglass planters or flower pots can easily move the pots around. Say, for example, you need to move a plant outdoors, then indoors. With fiberglass planters, you can do this with ease.

Little or no need for maintenance: Making use of fiberglass flower pots calls for little or no need for maintenance. Most times all you could do, would be clean the artificial pot.  There would be no need to repair damages. There would be no need to glue or recoat or any of the sort. Fiberglass planters are the very best type of artificial flower pots.

Readily weather resistant: Artificial flower pots made of fiberglass can withstand any weather condition, including heavy rain due to their rust resistance and sun exposure due to their UV resistance. This means that your pots will not fade over time and will not crack if exposed to frost or sunlight.


Conclusion: No matter how convincing it would be to use less expensive artificial flower pots. Don’t. Artificial pots fade, rust, or drop in quality anytime. It would be advisable to invest your funds into fiberglass planters. They return value for your money while serving their purpose of restoring beauty to your interior and exterior views.


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