About The Planters Haven

Theplantershaven.ng offers progressive fiber glass pot design with practical functionality that fit well within any style of interior or exterior design. Our fiber glass pot compliment contemporary and modern spaces but also enhance environment setting. Clean modern lines enable environment setting blends bringing various design elements together. We maintain a huge inventory of fiberglass pots and planters; all are painted to order in your choice of color. We use UV-resistant paint and our fiberglass plant planters are manufactured with the highest quality materials available ensuring our planters will withstand extreme temperatures making them perfect for outdoor applications but also beautiful in indoor spaces.

Fiberglass Pots

Features and Benefits of Our Fiberglass Planters

Fiberglass is a durable material that weighs considerably less than traditional planter materials. This light-weight material is an exceptional option for patios, balconies, roof tops, and other areas where weight of the installation is a concern.

The resin and fiberglass materials used are resistant to damage from sun exposure and withstand the most extreme weather conditions and climates including harsh winters, frost, and salt exposure.

Unlike competitor products – terracotta, concrete, plastics – fiberglass can be repaired and refinished. Fiberglass maintenance is easy! It can be cleaned with dish detergent and standard automotive waxes can be used to enhance your planters shine.

Fiberglass Pots in ikeja
Fiberglass Planter
Fiberglass Planter